Welcome to The Academy

LoveWorkLife Training Academy is a Video-based learning system, with interactive quiz's to aid and embed the recruitment basics for all recruiters.  

You can choose from over 30 individual courses, to help improve your overall recruitment skills. Or you can take our 13-week Permanent or Contract/Temp training plans to ensure new starters up are run quickly and efficiently.   

By investing in The Training Academy, it gives your consultants, and managers access to training material written by recruiters for recruiters, 24/7 all under one licence. 

Users have a single sign in to The Academy and agency owners have stated that it reduces the time it takes new starters to place, improve to the skills of seasoned recruiters and has developed best practices across businesses improving overall results.  

The Academy Benefits

  • The Building Blocks

    All recruitment agencies are only as good as their staff. Recruiters need training and development across all the core basics of the recruitment sale. The Academy will enable your consultants to learn and enhance their skills in a uniform manner via courses developed by recruitment experts.

  • Target Audience

    All courses are aimed at new and experienced recruiters alike. New recruiters, can undertake our 13 week training programs to build their knowledge in measurable weekly sections. Experienced recruiters can access individual course to refresh or learn new skills to help hone their skill-sets.

  • Savings

    Training can be very time consuming, a day out of the office is a potential opportunity lost. Managers and Team Leaders often struggle to make time to upskill their staff. The Academy is available to all 24/7 from anywhere with internet access. It enables recruiters to upskill themselves anytime any place.

  • Benefits

    Every recruiter wants to make more placements and in our considerable experience, the best recruiters are those who simply do the basics the right every time. The Academy will enhance all recruiters skills improving their job to placement ratios. Developing strengths and addressing weaknesses, is a must when developing winning environments.

  • Managers Briefcase

    Managers and Team Leaders often struggle to gain access to quality training material. The Academy offers managers access to videos and PowerPoint presentation that they can use in group or one to one session ensuring the core skills are trained in a uniform manner, developing best practice continually. Improving consultant performance and retention

  • Evolution

    Every recruiter wants to avoid the boom and bust cycle, so training that is accessible 24/7 on any platform anywhere is must have. Those who invest in their own self learning are investing in their own future success and financial well being, why hold them back. With new courses added month, training is always on going. Call us and request new courses!


The LoveWorkLife Training Academy is for recruiters of all levels. Training and developing the core skills of recruitment has been proved to improve your requirement to placement ratios! Try our free taster courses.

Are you ready?

Welcome to LoveWorkLife Consulting Training Academy, designed by recruiters for recruiters who want to get ahead of the competition.