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Why LoveWorkLife Training Academy

Designed by recruiters for recruiters!

As recruiters, we know success is a formula that if followed, leads to prosperity!  However, with over 80% of agencies in the market employing ten heads or less sometimes cracking that formula is a challenge in its self. 

Owners and managers often do not have the time to train and mentor staff in the core basics of recruitment. Sometimes having access to some quality training material is a problem. Things that are perceived "urgent" take precedent over what is "strategically important." 

Sounds familiar? 

Consultants are the most valuable asset to any agency and to truly get a return on the investment made, agencies need to invest in training them, giving them access to material that will enhance their careers and the agencies good future. 

As mentors and coaches of agencies, we see this all too often! In truth, the Academy was born at the request of our clients who wanted our on-site training available to their staff 24/7, but obviously our coaches cannot be in more than one place at once, and training should be an on-going right for all recruiters.  

Teaching others is our "WHY" our passion at LoveWorkLife. We have coached and supported approaching 200 companies throughout the UK and internationally, across a variety of recruitment industry sectors and disciplines. This has been done face to face up until now, where you can access our training 24/7 via the portal.

By offering a leading-edge training platform, which is continually evolving the team is fulfilling its quests to deliver the rock-solid principle of the recruitment process to all - good old fashioned learn the basics and repeat!

LoveWorkLife Training Academy was designed to be the absolute "go-to" highly personal and personalised contemporary specialist training platform to train and coach recruiters. Providing a comprehensive range of expert recruitment courses to ambitious, people-focused business owners, directors, and key stakeholders, but more importantly, to all their staff.

LoveWorkLife Training Academy is designed to guide and support business owners, company directors and leadership teams to create their own distinct, robust and highly profitable "new normal" world of work, with unique branding, market positioning and EVP!

The training and development of staff is the key to unlocking the potential of your business.

It is said that if you are standing still, when, in reality, you are going backwards!

So, why as owners of businesses would you invest heavily in a valuable consultant and then fail to give them the tools they need to succeed?

As a director or owner of a business, it is your obligation to ensure that every one of your employees is given the best opportunity to succeed and flourish in your business.

By providing them with the tools required to enable them to become successful within their roles, you are instantly improving your attraction as an employer of choice and more importantly your on-going retention of staff.

Without a training program in place, you are primarily relying on luck rather than judgement to ensure your people will deliver what your business needs.

To scale up quickly having a repeatable and efficient training process for all staff will help create an environment of success.

LoveWorkLife Consulting coaches are experts in designing and delivering sales and customer care training processes and courses. The Training Academy has been designed around your specific needs and will enable us to transfer all of our sort after experience, expertise and sales strategies to your teams via an easy to use video portal.

Our comprehensive 'Managers Briefcase' has been designed with you in mind.

Recruitment consultants have many different needs, and as a business, you need to be able to cater for them all to develop high net-worth teams.

The aim of our training programs:

Give new starters the best opportunity to succeed

To develop all levels of recruiters

To achieve sales targets

To build and develop best practice

To give clients, candidates and consultants unbelievable service

To enhance communication across all platforms

To become the Key Person of Influence in your niche market

To create a sales culture

To maximise on your business potential

To understand how you can influence the sales process

To differentiate you from your competitors

Recruitment is one of the toughest sales jobs in the known – universe!

At LoveWorkLife we have the experience and know-how to give your employees the biggest gift you can present to them – skills development!

Our Training Academy will not only help your recruiters influence their market but will drive more productivity, higher fees, self-belief and most importantly will create a repeatable platform of success that will become the bedrock of your business.

If you want to discuss how the training and development of your staff will help motivate individuals, build collaborative teams and a winning culture, to turn your intangible investment in staff into a trackable and quantifiable return on your investment, then you really should be talking to us!


What our clients have to say


Henry Hodson - Kensignton Consulting

I have recently been doing your LoveWorkLife recruitment videos and training and they are phenomenal really and are helpful."

This is a truly amazing resource...

Lauren Farmery - Owner

"This is a truly amazing resource for any recruiter who wants to be better and make their life easier. This resource has been helping me to avoid the problems that come up day to day in the job of a recruiter. Would highly recommend."

His Workshops Were Excellent

Angela Dawson

“I worked for Howard when managing the St Albans branch and reported directly into him. Howard was an excellent and inspirational Director who I really enjoyed working with. He is a fantastic leader and really inspired me to excel in my position. His management training and workshops were excellent, original and very informative, he helped me to focus and explore other avenues, creating better business. Howard has a very high drive to succeed and delivered his message in a fun and positive manner, this coupled with his motivational techniques really inspired me and helped me to move forward. He was always there to help when needed and I really enjoyed working with Howard. He is an honest and very capable Director who will be a great asset to any organisation moving forward.”

Begin Conquering Your Career

Lucy McBean

Howard Greenwood is one of the most dedicated, focussed and passionate advocates of the recruitment industry today and a total facilitator of success for consultants who choose to listen to what he has to say, and then put it into action. I am proud to say that he has been a significant key player in my own personal development and success, and his ability to motivate, understand, and push you further than your own expectations is part and parcel of who he is and what he strives for; this is a senior manager who is grassroots involved, who has a 24/7 door for advice if you need it, and someone who you genuinely want on your side. If you're a consultant reading this, make the most of him - he'll genuinely help you to begin conquering your career!

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