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Designed by recruiters for recruiters!

  • Why use an elearning platform?

    It typically requires 60% less of your employees time than learning in the traditional classroom setting. On-line training can be delivered much faster as recruiters can access the course material anytime, anywhere! Commuting to work, in work, at home etc. whenever they have a spare minute.

  • Who are the courses aimed at?

    The Academy is for all recruiters. New recruits need to learn the basics and embed them quickly into their skills portfolio. Traditionally a new recruit would undertake a basics training course (a day, 2 days, a week, 2 weeks if they are very lucky) and then they are live on the tools, shadowing another recruiter. The retention of knowledge from their basic training diminishes quickly as they only use a small proportion of what they have learned daily. The Academy will give them access to micro bite training sessions, refreshing and enhancing their learning live when the need it most, on the job. Harnessing and refreshing the basics as they need it, will help fast track their development. As an owner, manager, team leader after reviewing your staff, did you ever wished you had training material at your fingertips to help successful recruiters build on their strengths and manage their weaknesses. The Academy is design to help put recruiters back on track when their sales performance "yoyo's" buy refocusing in the basics.

  • How can mangers use the Academy?

    The Academy is the managers online "Briefcase" of learning material! The Academy enables managers to create bespoke individual training program specifying which courses to take and in which order a recruiter should take certain courses. as a Manager you can run a group session (use the video or the PowerPoint presentation provided) and then get each student to take the prerequisite test to help enhance each students learning. Because each course is no longer than 30 minutes in duration, they can be used instantly to help sharpen any recruiters skill set when it is most required. How flexible is that!

  • What are the benefits to the recruiter?

    Studies show that students retain more information from short micro size courses. Studies have proved after most classroom-based training sessions student retain the day after 90% of the course, but within two weeks this has degraded to less than 20% with most students only applying 10% of what they have learned! Is that cost-effective? The Academy courses will allow the recruiter to learn at their own pace, in their chosen environment. They can re-run the courses over and over again. The Test's have been designed to enhance recruiters learning, embedding the basics of recruitment deeply in their skills DNA. Because no course is longer than 30 minutes, more knowledge is retained and because the courses have been designed to be used in real-time when the recruiter needs them most, they will be able to apply their learning instantly when back in the thick of the recruitment day.

  • We already have a trainer or training material

    Brilliant news, every recruitment company needs great trainers. The Academy has been designed to sit alongside your current training material, giving the recruiter a different perspective of the same recruitment process, which only strengthens their skills. The Academy is a cost-effective way of insuring your recruiters get the best possible training available to them 24/7. The easy of the Academy will help eliminate basic errors which costs all recruiters and agencies money daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The easier it is for a recruiter to gain, retain and apply the basic skills the higher the returns. Billing and employee attraction and retention improves.

  • What happens when a recruiter complete all the courses?

    Here at LoveWorkLife, we believe that training should be an on-going process and we have designed the Academy as such. Monthly we will be contacting everyone who is an Academy member asking them what course they would like us to improve or develop from new. Monthly we will be adding new courses to the portal, taking feedback from you! Meaning the courses will be based on your needs and wants. You can contact us and request a course to be designed, and we will add it to our design program. The Academy is your training portal, so you should have a major say to how it is developed. The power of the Academy is you, you the recruiters who require, desire, need and want to better yourself, we are simply here to facilitate your needs.

  • What do I get with each course

    An introduction to each course, objectives of the course and you will be asked what objectives you want to achieve (very important), a 10 to 30 minutes training video, an enhance your learning test, congratulations when you have passed your test, a copy of the test with full explanations of the answers to help further your learning, a PowerPoint Presentation (in case you want to teach the course yourself or get your consultants to present the course material back to you), some courses have downloadable material and you will get a big thank you from us and a chance to tell us what you think. We will always look to improve our service to you, so your comments and suggestions count.

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What our clients have to say


Henry Hodson - Kensignton Consulting

I have recently been doing your LoveWorkLife recruitment videos and training and they are phenomenal really and are helpful.

This is a truly amazing resource...

Lauren Farmery - Owner

"This is a truly amazing resource for any recruiter who wants to be better and make their life easier. This resource has been helping me to avoid the problems that come up day to day in the job of a recruiter. Would highly recommend."

His Workshops Were Excellent

Angela Dawson

“I worked for Howard when managing the St Albans branch and reported directly into him. Howard was an excellent and inspirational Director who I really enjoyed working with. He is a fantastic leader and really inspired me to excel in my position. His management training and workshops were excellent, original and very informative, he helped me to focus and explore other avenues, creating better business. Howard has a very high drive to succeed and delivered his message in a fun and positive manner, this coupled with his motivational techniques really inspired me and helped me to move forward. He was always there to help when needed and I really enjoyed working with Howard. He is an honest and very capable Director who will be a great asset to any organisation moving forward.”

Begin Conquering Your Career

Lucy McBean

Howard Greenwood is one of the most dedicated, focussed and passionate advocates of the recruitment industry today and a total facilitator of success for consultants who choose to listen to what he has to say, and then put it into action. I am proud to say that he has been a significant key player in my own personal development and success, and his ability to motivate, understand, and push you further than your own expectations is part and parcel of who he is and what he strives for; this is a senior manager who is grassroots involved, who has a 24/7 door for advice if you need it, and someone who you genuinely want on your side. If you're a consultant reading this, make the most of him - he'll genuinely help you to begin conquering your career!